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28 June 2012

Miami: Tenerife Reflecting Point

Una de las curiosidades que encontré en Miami fue esta placa conmemorando el hermanamiento de Tenerife y el Condado de Miami-Dade, cosa que desconocía. Creo que en Tenerife hay otra. Este esta en una zona muy bonita, al lado de una pequeña playa en la que se practica kite-surf. Cuando estuve all í  hab í a una pareja haciéndose fotos por su boda. Os dejo con algunas fotos del lugar...

A very curious thing I found while in Miami was this plaque celebrating the sisterhip between Tenerife and Miami-Dade County, of which I was completely unaware of. It hink there is another plaque in Tenerife. This one is located at a very nice area, just next to the water where people were kite-surfing. When I was there there was a couple of newly weds being photographed.


  1. I wonder what Miami and Tenerife feel they have in common. That is an interesting find!

    1. :) It was quite a surprise!
      At first I thought of the historical link as there was a migration from the Canary Islands when Florida was Spanish. However I have read, that unlike it happened in other places like Lousiana where they stayed after it was no longer Spanish,many of them -though not all-left Florida and went to Cuba at the time Florida passed to Great Britain. But at the same time right now there are also many Cubans -who may or may not have Canary Islands ancestry- living in Florida...
      Who knows? Warm climate, gorgeous beaches? :)