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01 October 2011

Why to organise your own travels

Here are just some reasons why I prefer to organise my travels instead of doing an organised tour:
  • Because you decide what to see and when and what you are going to do next
  • Because you can change your plans if you wish to do something else once you are there
  • Because you learn so much more about the place as you are doing research. It will leave a much larger impact on you than an organised trip
  • Because you have so many more opportunities to meet the locals
  • Because you will really see what the country/place is like, and not only the version the travel agency wants you to see
  • Because you will not find yourself trapped in a visit with people harrasing you to buy something from them, and if so you have a chance to scape :)
  • Because it will be probably cheaper for you, even a lot cheaper depending on the destination
Do you have some more that you would like to share?

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