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20 July 2011

Places you have to see: Monument Valley

Monument Valley near sunset time

Ever seen Stagecoach, The Searchers and so many other movies featuring this fantastic landscape? Then you have to come here at least once for these massive structures... Allow at least a couple of hours and a SUV–unless you want to torture your car- to make sure you have the time to enjoy Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

I prefer to see places by myself, but the Navajo also have guided tours in jeeps to visit the Park. I have not taken any so I can not really recommend, but when I was preparing my trip people usually said that it was not worth the price unless you had many hours to visit it. Anyway, apparently, they have some tours which take you to places where you can not go by yourself, so it can be an option. Ever taken one? I`d like to hear about it, please leave a comment.
Monument Valley, sunset

When to visit it? In my opinion, the best time of the day is just before sunset and in second place, at sunrise.

Best of all? Being able to see it at both times.
How? Stay at The View, the only hotel inside the park of Monument Valley. It is not cheap, but it is worth it if you only spend a night. Click here for some opinions on it.

The ideal would be to arrive at the park about three hours before sunset so you have the time to enjoy it. After the sun is gone make sure you go to bed early and watch the sunrise from the balcony of your room –balconies face East- an impressive moment you won’t forget.
Monument Valley, at sunrise

Another great thing to do in Monument valley is to watch the stars at night, The View has special rooms for Star watching, but you can also do that in the surroundings of the hotel. If you are an amateur astronomer you will really enjoy the total absence of light, try to choose a new moon night for your stay and you will have a perfect observation place.

Monument Valley, just after sunrise

In Spanish in a couple of days and a whole itinerary for the US Southwest Parks of Utah and Arizona coming soon…


  1. Lovely pictures!! This is one of my favourite places! Impressive! I was there 10 years ago!!
    I took a guided visit with a Navajo guide, it was difficult to understand because at that time my English was not really good, moreover he had a strong accent, anyway he explained some interesting things about the “buttes” , arches or holes on the caves, pictograms...
    Don't leave this world without visit it!

  2. Thanks! I agree completely, it is such a special place...