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15 July 2011

Two regions for a taste of Spain

Well, this is a somehow hard post to write for me... As a Spaniard, how can I choose??? After much thinking, if I could only choose two regions for people to know two very different aspects of the same country, these would be the ones.

-Andalucía: Yes, I know, I am starting by the biggest source of clichés on Spain, but, yet, it is so magical and has such a special atmosphere after centuries of Islamic and Christian domination, that it is certainly the must-see for those who look for a different Europe. Where to go? Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba.

Alhambra, Granada

Plaza de España, Sevilla
The Old Mosque, Córdoba

-Galicia: For the opposite of what you might be expecting, a green landscape with great gastronomy, impressive cliffs, old churches, celtic taste and bagpipes. Where to go? Santiago de Compostela, Costa da Morte and the Monasteries route in the Ribeira Sacra.

Santiago de Compostela
Sunset at the end of the world, Finisterre/Fisterra

Promise to write posts on all of these!

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