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02 September 2011

Tips to be comfortable on a long flight: part 1

First thing to say: I hate flying

And I do a lot more since the general psychosis has turned them into one of my worst nightmares that however we have to undergo to reach our final destination, our deserved holidays. Through time I have collected many pieces of advise to make long flights more comfortable, mainly those lasting more than 6 hours, with more time for connections and more flights that might end up in 2 days just travelling. Add jet-lag, fatigue, nerves due to trying not to forget anything, fear of luggage getting lost on the way, missing connections and you can have a small hell, specially if you are nervous person like I am.

Well, let’s get to the point and discuss the things that have worked for me and that I recommend to make your flight more comfortable. Main factors to take into account are:
  • Temperature changes (Amazing how fast you can go from sweating to freezing in the aircraft)
  • Dehydration due to dryness in the cabin (relative humidity does not usually even reach 20%)
  • Low pressure in the cabin and its consequent bloated belly
Clothes: it is very important that they are comfortable. I know it may sound obvious but it is not. I still don’t know how some women manage to fly with a skirt, pantyhose and high heels for eight hours and not even ruining their fabulous hairstyle. There are many, I have seen them, but unfortunately I am not one of them.

  • Best material: cotton or viscose, not tight (with the lower pressure we have a tendency to bloat and there is nothing worse for that that having something pressing your waist
  • For women, between skirt and trousers, trousers without a doubt. Also, with the temperature changes up there, it is the best way not to freeze. For everyone: trousers in the correct size so you can forget about a belt and you don’t have to take it off and on in each security check.
  • If you wear earrings, better if they are small or easy to remove so they don’t bother you if you fall sleep and lean your head.
  • Even if it is the middle of summer, in my opinion it is better to avoid, sandals, slip-flops and any open shoes. You don’t want to think about your or someone else’s suitcase wheels running over your toes. Just wear comfortable shoes and even better, take them off while flying and put on some comfortable socks.
  • Clothes layers: as I said, temperature changes a lot, I prefer to wear long trousers and a t-shirt and some kind of sweater or jacket that I can put on if I feel cold.
 Hair (for women)This may sound obvious as well, but many times it is the last thing we think of. I think it is better to avoid any kind of bun or semi up-do that involves pins on the back or side of your head –there is nothing more uncomfortable than a hair bun that prevents you from leaning your head or metallic pins pressing it. If your hair, just like mine, tends to get tangled easily, the best is a high ponytail that allows you to lean your head back, good if it becomes too hot inside the plane and to avoid those knots…

To be continued...

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