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09 December 2011

What to See in New York in Just 3 Days: Day 3

And... finally we have reached our last day in New York. Today will be a bit less intense than the former days to give us a bit of a break :)

For a start we will go to the Metropolitan, it is very difficult to choose only one museum in New York but I think this is really worth it, though you will have to make a good selection of what you want to see because it could easily take you a whole week to see everything.

The Met

I have chosen this museum because it is THE museum, but you have so many other options: the MOMA, the Guggenheim, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the City if New York, just to mention a few. You could also, as I said some days ago, go and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Well, if you go and see the Met, when you finish you can see the rest of Central Park that you did not see the other day.You still have more or less a half o the park to see, but I recommend not to miss Belvedere Castle and the Reservoir, if you like running you won’t be able to resist it, you will have seen this place crowded with joggers in so many movies and series :)

 Belvedere Castle

The Reservoir

The second part of the day will be dedicated to Little Italy and Chinatown, mostly this last one before it is completely engulfed by Chinatown. If you have never seen a Chinatown in an American city, it will really get your attention. Otherwise, it might not surprise you a lot. Even so, it is worth a visit.

What remains of Little Italy
And to end with, what about going back to where we started? Walking in Times Square with all its night lights is a good way to say goodbye to roaring New York City, or much better…
See you soon!

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