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15 November 2011

What I Like the Most and the Least of Travelling in the USA

Without feeling like raising any controversy y making it clear that I LOVE travelling in the USA, I would like to comment those things that I like the most of being at the other side of the Atlantic and those I like the least. After all, these are just my personal experiences that in no way I expect anyone to share with me. I promise also to do one on Spain soon.

Things I like:

- Space. In general: houses (ever slept in a King bed? 2 meters!!!), huge rooms, huge cars, etc

- Automatic cars -why don't we have more of those in Europe?

- Curved shower rods that allow a much larger space to shower in the tub -have never seen it here and it is great

- Free wi-fi connection at most of the road motels

- Kindness and friendliness of most of the people

- Free refills of soda, tea and coffee at restaurants

- Being able to ask naturally for tab water at the restaurants, without disapproving looks

- The possibility to customize your meal in every way possible, even some the inhabitants at this side of the Atlantic have never heard of

- How cheap gas is!

- How easy they make everything, with lots of advise, instructions and announcements to make life easier -regarding this I am under the impression that what we do here is exactly the opposite, since you know, why would we make it easy for anyone to reach their destination and even get to visit the attraction they want to???? :)  

Things I don't like so much :)

- Amazingly high air conditioning -even in winter!!!- which makes it a nightmare to stay at many restaurants and buses

- The time I spend calculating tips

- The lack of multilingual staff in the tourism industry, even more, the lack of awareness that this is necessary at all. In this sense, and talking of the hospitality and restaurants industries, too many employees seem to be not able to understand that foreign tourists don't have to speak not only basic but perfect English necessarily, nor the need to speak loud and clear. I must also point out that I have found many other persons who were just the opposite and would make everything possible to ensure communication, but the former ones are still too many

- The bar of soap instead of liquid gel at hotels

- The costly wi-fi connection in most of the hotels located in a big city

- The lack of options both cheap and healthy for meals -there are many cheap ones though

- The giant size of meals and their varied sides -though this might be something many others love :)

- The 500 tiny lights in hotel rooms and the lack of a general one that allows you not to have to switch them on and off one by one

- The fact that the tax is almost never included in the shown price, so you don't know what the final price will be until you buy it. This, at the same time, leads you to accumulate and amazing amount of pennies, since this way prices are rarely round

Would you like to add you own ones to the list??

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