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30 November 2011

What to See in New York in Just 3 Days: Day 2, 2nd Part

We continue with our second day in New York. Once we have enjoyed the first part it is time to… cross the Brooklyn Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge

To do it, we are going to go in the subway to Brooklyn in order to cross the bridge, let’s say, in the opposite way, that is, from Brooklyn to Manhattan (much better for your neck ;) if what you want to see is Manhattan’s skyscrapers).

Manhattan on one side

You can take lines A and C to High Street-Brooklyn Bridge or lines 2 and 3 to Clark St and from there follow the signs. Crossing does not take long, it also depends on how many people are doing it at the same time and how often you stop for the views, but it is a very nice stroll and certainly worth it.

And Manhattan on the other side :)

If you still feel like continuing you can do one of my favourite things and I promise not tiring at all J Go back to the South Ferry area and from there take the free ferry to Staten Island. The views of Manhattan skyline are amazing, it is just awesome with all the lights once the sun has set. You will also be able to see the Statue of Liberty much nearer than from Battery Park. To go back you just have to take the next ferry.

Statue of Liberty

Sweet dreams!!! (Well deserved)

Soon our 3rd Day :)


  1. Hola Valentina. Gracias por tu comentario. Y enhorabuena por decidirte a abrir un blog. Ya verás que esto es adictivo!!! pero una adicción sana: la de compartir experiencias con otros viajeros. Un beso!

  2. ¡Muchas gracias! Aquí estamos, espero que por mucho tiempo