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29 February 2012

Funny signs

El otro día, leyendo un post, me acordé de un anuncio en Japón que por supuesto nos causó gran hilaridad...
Y es que ... ¡Vaya nombre para un restaurante! :)

Some days ago I read a post that reminded me of an ad we saw in Japan that caused us a great deal of laughter Cause.... what a name for a restaurant!!! :) -for those who don't speak Spanish arcadas means retch or gag-


  1. It's one of the little pleasures of going to a foreign country, to see the unconscious humour in some of their notices. Scandinavian languages contain several words which sound strange and funny to English speakers. The Scandinavian cafe off Regent St. keeps some of these products for sale on its counter, to make people laugh.

  2. En holanda, el banco más popular se llama Rabobank...ejem

  3. Yeah, it's true! I remember when I was learning French and my teacher said "café au lait" but I had not seen it written and it sounded exactly like "café olé" and I was so amused thinking how a brand of coffee could be called Olé :) I was so dissappointed when I found out it was actually only coffee with milk... :) I will make sure to get into that cafe my next time in London!

    Pelocha, es verdad!!! Gracias por mencionarle, no sé cómo se me había olvidado ya, pero lo vi hace unos cuatro años y menudas risas nos echamos, dio para muchas fotos desde luego :)